HAVEN is a retail store located in Cleveland, Ohio. We offer a curated collection of clothing and lifestyle items for women who appreciate simplicity with a bit of edge. Every piece is hand-picked based on quality, instinct, and the obvious cool factor. 

Our intent is simple.

First, to dress women with a cool sense of style and purpose.

Second, to treat our customers as we would like to be treated - as friends. 

With the humblest of beginnings, founder Cori Imbrigiotta opened HAVEN as a pop-up shop and online store in 2012. In March of 2013, after what is probably an unhealthy amount of caffeine and more trips to the hardware store than anyone should ever make, the HAVEN brick and mortar store opened in the village of Chagrin Falls. 

Since its start, we have undergone an evolution of sorts. As a result, our brand is not just one thing. It is a mixture of opposing yet complimenting forces. We recognize that the 'magic is in the mix.'  HAVEN is both masculine and feminine, structured and undone, modern and timeless. 

The store is stocked with pieces we instantly love and will wear forever.  The HAVEN woman is beyond familiar to us because we are her. At HAVEN, we encourage you to be unapologetic in your effort to find, develop, or hone in on your personal style. We sure are! And to help you in doing so, we promise to always deliver a well-edited collection of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle items that are quality-driven, unique, and exciting.